CD Review

Zeitgeist – “Horoscope”

By Marcus Pan

HoroscopeThis was a strange spin – it’s actually a seven track maxi single. Multiple mixes of the song Horoscope make it up, and I had spun it a few times as I puttered about. The mixes are so differing and changed amongst eachother that until I sat down and actually read up on Zeitgeist I didn’t realize that I had listened to the same song seven times over in different versions. That alone is a high point to Zeitgeist’s Horoscope mix. Over a half hour of the same song and I’m not finding myself bored!

Last year’s Victims of the Zeitgeist did well from what I hear, and the band hails from Australia. The maturity and professional quality of the sound details the fact that this is the band’s sixth release and Horoscope is the first single out the door on an upcoming seventh album. Since I’m not from Australia, the remixers here are unknown to me, but are good enough at their trade for me to easily assume that if you are from Australia you probably have.

Throughout the CD we’ll revisit the song with surreal versions, club versions, industrial remixes and dirty styles. The album version obviously sets us off on our way. The Synthaurai Mix by LifeSpan + Pulse takes the song higher into trancey territory where it swirls and coalesces with bright melodies and fast paced rhythms. One of the best offerings here. The Corroded Mix from Mechanised Convulsions beats in dirty percussive rhythms that rather than fit neatly instead are hammered into the song with each stomp.

Kwook!’s Kurrel the Raven’s Wings of Darkness Mix is brilliant. The constantly evolving rhythm alone is worthwhile and it’s linked at times to the nuances and movements of the vocals themselves, which is rare and refreshing. It punctuates the lyrics of the song at times. The Organic Mix by Nimheil tries a little too hard to be weird it seems, taking Zeitgeist’s vocals, twisting them and throwing them around with no sense of direction. This is the only one the Horoscope single I could have done without.

Nice work by Zeitgeist and their Australian friends on the Horoscope single. Their upcoming album is due out early this year (2006) on which the original of this song is held and if Horoscope is any indication of the standard of work by this outfit then I expect a brilliant release with the right amount of trancy lace, stroppy rhythms and stomping industrial all precisely when necessary.

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